Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Interventions for Hallucinations

Hallucinations are sensory experiences in the absence of stimulation (stimulus) such as patients hear voices, whispering in his ear when there is no source of the voice that whisper (Hawari, 2001).

Hallucinations - The person can touch, feel, hear, smell and see imaginary things, which do not exist in reality. Such symptoms are because of the deterioration in the brain's reception, as a result brain responds to fake sensory input.

Hallucinations can be further classified as:

Tactile Hallucination: A person experiencing this can feel imaginary hands touching him or can feel insects moving all over his body.

Auditory Hallucination: The person who suffer from such hallucination can hear and communicate with a person that is non-existent in real life. Sometimes, he can also hear someone constantly talking to him. He might even hear an inner voice to tell him about impending danger.

Olfactory Hallucination: The person can smell things that no one can.

Visual Hallucination: The person who experiences this type of hallucination can see objects and people that do not exist in real life. He is able to share thoughts with his imaginary friends and spend time with them.

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