Nursing Care Plan for Mental Retardation

Pediatric Nursing Care Plan - Mental Retardation Nursing Assessment

Assessment can be done through:
  1. Neuroradiology can find abnormalities in the structure of the cranium, such as classification or increased intracranial pressure.
  2. Echoencephalography can show the tumor and hematoma.
  3. A brain biopsy is only useful on a small number of children retardasii mentally. Not easy for parents to accept the role in brain tissue making even small amounts because they add to the brain damage is inadequate.
  4. Bio-chemical research to determine the metabolic rates of various materials which are known to affect brain tissue if not found in large quantities or small, such as hyperglycemia in preterm neonates, accumulation of glycogen in muscles and neurons, fat deposits in the brain and high levels of phenylalanine.

Or can perform the following assessments:
  • Assessment of physical
  • Assessment for growing up
  • Family history assessment, especially regarding mental retardation and hereditary disorders in which mental retardation is one of the main species.
  • Medical history to obtain evidence of trauma to prenatal, perinatal, postnatal, or physical injury.
  • Prenatal maternal infection (eg, rubella), alcoholism, drug consumption.
  • Inadequate nutrition.
  • Environmental deviations.
  • Psychiatric disorders (eg, Autism).
  • Infections, particularly those involving the brain (eg, meningitis, encephalitis, measles) or high body temperature.
  • Chromosome abnormalities.
  • Assist with diagnostic tests such as: analysts chromosomes, metabolic dysfunction, radiography, tomography, electro ensephalography.
  • Perform or assist with intelligence tests. Stanford Binet, Wechsler intellence, Scale, American Assiciation of Mental Retardation Adaptive Behavior Scale.
  • Observation of an early manifestation of mental retardation:
    • Not responsive to contact.
    • Poor eye contact during breastfeeding.
    • Decrease in spontaneous activity.
    • Decreased awareness of sound vibrations.
    • Sensitive stimuli.
    • Breast-feeding is slow.

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