Nurses Role in Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

Nurses Role in Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Therapy

In the treatment of drug dependence needs to be done until the level of rehabilitation. The reason, besides causing physical and mental health disorders, drug dependence also gives social impact for the patient, family environment and surrounding community.

Rehabilitation is essentially intended to make the patient can perform normal actions, may continue their education according to his ability, to go to work according to their talents and interests, and most importantly, can adjust to living with family environment and surrounding community.

One thing that many expected after following the rehabilitation, the patient can be his religion as well. That is why many rehabilitation centers established under the belief / religion.

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Therapy, includes several things:
  • Social Rehabilitation : includes all efforts that aim to guide and enhance a sense of awareness and social responsibility for families and communities.

  • Educational Rehabilitation : aims to maintain and improve their knowledge and see to it that patients can take part in education again, if possible, give guidance in choosing a school that suits his talents and intelligence capabilities.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation : the work aims to determine the ability of patients and how to overcome barriers or obstacles to placement in suitable work. Also provide the skills that have not owned by the patient in order to benefit patients for a living.

  • Religious Life Rehabilitation : aims to raise awareness of the patient will be the place of humanity in the midst of living. And worship in accordance with his religion.

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