Nursing Assessment for Nephrolithiasis

Nursing Assessment for Nephrolithiasis

Data collected on the client with nefrolitiasis are:
  1. Activity / Rest
  2. The work which a lot of sitting and high temperature environments
  3. Elimination
  4. History of UTI or stone obstruction ever
  5. Eating and Drinking
  6. History of the client to consume food / drink diet high in purine / fruit juice
  7. Pain / comfort
  8. Colic Pain
  9. History of taking drugs
  10. Consuming antibiotics for too long
  11. Family Disease History
  12. History of kidney disease, UTI
  13. Knowledge
  14. Diagnostic Examination
  15. Urine examination
  16. Complete blood examination
  17. Radiology / X-ray
  18. IVP
  19. CT. Scan
  20. Retrograde Cystogram
  21. Ultrasound

Nursing Diagnosis for Nephrolithiasis

Nursing Interventions for Nephrolithiasis

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