Healthy Diet for Diabetes Mellitus

Healthy Diet for Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where the body is unable to process glucose (a form of sugar).

The most prevalent form of Diabetes is Type II Diabetes which occurs mainly in adults. You are at risk from this form of diabetes if you have a generic predisposition to it (i.e. it’s in your family history), if you are overweight, and/or are aged over 40. In Type II Diabetes, the pancreas still creates insulin, but not enough, – or the insulin does not function correctly (insulin resistance). This form of Diabetes can be managed (to some degree) with the right diet and exercise, but also with diabetes pills and insulin.

The purpose of Diabetes Mellitus Diet

Adjust food with the body's ability to use it, so help you:
  • Lowering blood sugar close to normal
  • Reducing sugar in the urine becomes negative
  • Achieve normal weight
  • Able to perform daily work as usual.

Recommended Cooking Method:
  • Before you eat, the food must be weighed in the form of cooking. Such as: rice, potatoes, fish, meat and vegetables group B.
  • When the disease is controlled, you can eat from the family menu, as long as the amount of food mixed in accordance with the provisions.
  • How to cook can be done like other family members.
  • If you want to eat sweet to use saccharin as a sugar substitute.

Sample Meal Plan:


1/2 Grapefruit, 1 medium bowl oatmeal topped with extra low-fat milk. 1 Tsp honey and 1 Tsp flax seeds.


1 kiwi fruit


40g (uncooked) Basmati rice – cook and server with 4oz cooked chicken strips. 1 small orange, chopped cucumber, and 2 Tsp pine nuts, with oil-free French dressing.

Mid afternoon snack

2 dark rye crisp breads spread with yeast extract.


4 oz salmon fillet topped with 1 1/2 Tsp olive oil blended with 1 garlic clove, grilled and server with 6ox potato mashed with seasoning. Serve with peas and spinach.
1 medium glass of dry white or red wine, or fruit juice.

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