The Functions of the Cerebral Cortex According to the Lobes

The Functions of the Cerebral Cortex According to the Lobes

Nervous System

Concerned with higher mental activities such as cognitive functioning, reasoning, concentration and elements of memory.
Prefrontal cortex exerts control over aspects of emotional expression and behaviour. Motor cortex is located here along with the premotor cortex, which coordinates muscles to work together in groups. It is also associated with learnt movements.
Motor control of speech through the Broca’s area.

Functions associated with movement, orientation and spatial awareness
Sensory cortex is located here which works closely with the thalamus and the sensory
association cortex for analysis and interpretation of inputs.

Concerned with the interpretation and comprehension of speech and sound through the
Wernicke’s area. This allows understanding of the meaning of words, both heard and
expressed by oneself .
Components of memory that are aided by visual, auditory, olfactory and sensory inputs to help store an experience or information and facilitate learning.

Mostly concerned with processing of visual information (visual perception) along with
involuntary eye movements.

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